Tam Plastik Braiform owns the Reward of “Respect to Human”
09 Mar

Tam Plastik Braiform owns the Reward of “Respect to Human”

With almost 400 employees and its institutional structure, Tam Plastik Braiform has been regarded among the companies, evaluating the job applications with the most prompt replies, and consequently, Tam Plastik Braiform has owned the Reward of Respect to Human, symbolising the most prestigious Human Resources of the year.

13. The Rewards of Respect to Human, were presented during the 21st Human Resources Summit, held within the date 17 / 18 February, sponsored by Kariyer.net., and with the attendance of World leading professonals, joined as lecturers.

On February 17th, on behalf of Tam Plastik Braiform, our Human Resources Specialist was given the reward during the night of Human Resources Summit, held at Lutfi Kırdar Sports Complex. 250 companies have been awarded on the purpose of highlighting the attendiveness of the studies on Human Resources Field and sharing this importance with the public.

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