Message from The CEO

CEO Gokhan TEZSEZER Tam Plastik was founded in 1975 in Istanbul and began strengthening its position as the retail industry was rapidly developing in the global economy during the 1980s. Tam Plastik was always a leader in technology in the sector and kept developing by swiftly and strategically adapting into market changes. Today, Tam Plastik is profoundly experienced in producing and selling hangers in the international market and is expanding its market share rapidly by focusing on customer satisfaction as a top priority.

We are operating in the largest hanger production facility in the EU region, with over 100 injection machines and over 300 employees. We continuously develop our team through on-going education to improve our capabilities and talents. Through our strategic partners and our distribution network, today, Tam Plastik is exporting plastic hangers to more than 50 countries and is seamlessly supplying a majority of the hanger needs in the European and Middle Eastern regions.

Tam Plastik, with almost 40 years of success, is continuously working to maintain its position of being the largest plastic hanger organization in the region. We continually focus on enhancing our research and development, increasing our service and product quality, and leading the industry through our investments. With dedicated employees and thousands of highly satisfied customers who are leaders in their sectors, Tam Plastik will continue to be the foremost known hanger supplier in the region.

Best Regards,
Gökhan Tezsezer / CEO